Hot flushes

These are the serious signs of hot flushes. It happens during menopausal stages .Hot flushes, irritability and insomnia are the result of deeper imbalances that, if left untreated, will persist in the later stage of life. If your life style is unhealthy between 30s and 40s, your are more likely to have hot flushes, irritability and insomnia when your hormones start to change.  If your lifestyle is healthy you will complete this journey without any trouble. Health problem during menopause are the signs of deeper imbalance in the body.

Ayurveda described hot flashes as a pitta disorder. The excess pitta or fire element in their body makes the women feel like they are on fire. Same time the body channels are also clogged with wastes and toxins or ama . The heat produce from the metabolism built up in the body tissues. Hot flushes are the result of sudden increase in blood flow while the body tries to unclogged the channels and dissipate heat same time.

Ayurveda described following treatment for hot flushes-

1.Diet and Herbs-Ayurveda recommend cool deit. This means avoids greasy spicy and acidic food.Ayurvedic preparation of satavari brahmi and sandalwood are very effective in hot flashes.

Panchkarma treatment-Panchkarma treatment may be needed to unclogged the channel and gain quick relief.In this treatment  herbalised oil massage , heat treatment and internal herbal cleanging  therapies are used to reduce the ama or toxins in the body.

Yoga and Pranayam-some gentle yoga posture and Pranayam are helpful in balancing the body energy and calm the mind.

Acupuncture which is a part of chinese medicine also works very well for hot flushes. There are some specific points to reduce the sweating and calm the sprit.

Bacically, Ayurveda and acupuncture promots a state of balance for your body mind and sprit. Because these traditional medicines treats the root cause of the problem not the symptoms. You do not have to worry about any side effect of these natural therapies.

More serious symptoms, such as frequent hot flashes, continual sleep disturbance, and moderate to severe mood swings, are signs of deeper imbalances that, if left untreated, will persist to set the stage for later disease. For these more troublesome symptoms to manifest, the tissues of your body ñyour bones, muscles, fat, organs, skin, and bloodñmust be disturbed in some way. Ayurveda describes that stubborn symptoms are usually due to the buildup of wastes and toxins, referred to as “ama,” in your body’s tissues.

For example, hot flashes that won’t go away despite herbs, diet, exercise, and perhaps even HRT usually represent a problem with ama. One of my Ayurvedic mentors explained it this way: When your body’s channels are clogged with wastes, the heat from metabolism builds up in your tissues. Hot flashes result from sudden surges in blood flow as the body tries to clear the channels and dissipate the heat buildup quickly. A similar phenomenon occurs when you have a heater set on high in an overheated room with all the windows and doors closed. To cool down the room, first you must turn down the heater (see Tips for P-Type above) but you also need to throw open the windows and doors (as in removing the ama) so the heat can flow out.

We can understand this analogy medically in terms of hormone receptors. No matter how much estrogen or phytoestrogen you have floating through your bloodstream, it does you no good unless it connects with your body’s estrogen receptors, the tiny “keyholes” on your cells. Estrogen and phytoestrogens fit these keyholes like minuscule keys and through them gain entry into your cells. When the receptors are clogged with debris or “ama,” your hormones cannot get into your cells to do their work. Then bothersome menopause symptoms may persist despite a variety of attempted therapies.

In this case, a traditional Ayurvedic detoxification program referred to as Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT), or “panchakarma,” may be needed to clear the body’s channels and gain relief. This internal cleansing approach is also the treatment of choice for more serious problems such as osteoporosis and high cholesterol. A study published in a recent issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine confirmed that this ancient technology of herbalized oil massage, heat treatments and mild internal cleansing therapies does indeed reduce toxins in the body. Hormone disrupting PCB’s and pesticides such as DDT were reduced by approximately 50% after just 5 days of treatment. Other studies have shown overall reduction in health symptoms, a rise in “good cholesterol,” and reduction in free radicals from MRT.

In my clinical experience, MRT can be very transforming, eliminating symptoms while at the same time dramatically reducing stress and fatigue. After a week of treatment, my patients not only report feeling much better, they radiate health and youthfulness and many experience a profound sense of well-being and inner peace.

The important point to remember at midlife is that health problems donít pop out of nowhere when your estrogen levels start to fluctuate and fall off. Rather it is the cumulative effects of damaging lifestyle habits–late nights, fast food, eating on the run, lots of stress, too little exercise–over decades that set in motion chronic disease and aging well before menopause. Your symptoms are simply telling you just how out of balance you are. The good news is that with a few basic lifestyle changes, and the healing power of Maharishi Ayurveda when needed, underlying imbalances can be resolved, paving the way for a smooth menopause transition and great health in the years to come.

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