Welcome to AcuAyur Holistic Health Centre

 “A natural way of life”

At AcuAyur Holistic Health Centre, our main focus is helping you to recover from health issues by using techniques available such as Acupuncture and Ayurveda. We offer you to embrace natural and effective remedies for a healthy lifestyle and provide the best possible natural therapies in complimentary and alternative medicine.

AcuAyur understands the concerns and requirements of your general health and well-being. We recognise that each individual is unique, and thus offer a wide range of services in order to accommodate your specific health needs.

Acupuncture and Ayurveda are among the most ancient modalities. Both modalities see the body as a whole (mind, body and spirit) and offer the best solution for an individual. These systems focus more on the health of an individual body type. AcuAyur can raise your health and balance to an optimum level. These two natural therapies will reduce stress and help to regain your health and general well-being. We offer special combination of natural therapies which will help you to experience the effect of natural healing.


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